if you want to heal the world,

you must also be healed.

I’m a spiritual director and embodiment coach. I work with people at the intersections of





In a culture that values output, speed and control, the Divine is inviting us to slow down, journey inward and be transformed...so that we can transform the world.

Image of female closing eyes, face pointed toward sky. Icon of speech bubble with heart drawn on top.

do you crave a safe space to question, cry, vent and heal?

Together we create a sacred space, free of shame, to explore the knowledge you carry in your body, honor the wisdom of your unique story and listen for what the Divine is inviting you into.

Photo of angel statue with kintsugi breaks throughout. Icon illustration of broken heart on top.

have you been made to feel dangerous because of your questions, actions or impulses?

American and Christian culture has largely been shaped by those in power (mostly white, mostly male). It values safety, security and control over curiosity and courage. If you have faced rejection, you are not alone. We can make a space to foster the unique truth that God is speaking through you.

have you told yourself it’s self-indulgent to focus on your own healing?

It is CRITICAL that we experience healing, if we want to bring healing to the collective. God desires your healing and wholeness.


I work at the intersection of spirituality, identity, justice and healing.

I’m a tad quirky, a lot affirming,

and I want to support you on your journey toward healing and wholeness.

My desire is to create the space for questioning, anger, grief, joy, confusion, curiosity and reassurance that I wish I would have had during the disorienting times in my spiritual and life journey. Whether you are renegotiating your relationship with God, with yourself or with your calling, I want to support you.

Photo of Hailey sitting in tall grass during golden hour smiling at the viewer.

let's start this journey together

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