hi, my name is Hailey Mitsui.

I am a Spiritual Director and Embodiment Coach. I work with individuals, groups and communities at the intersection of spirituality, identity, justice and healing. These are the elements of my practice and my life.

Photo of Hailey sitting in tall grass at golden hour with her head tilted and laughing. An illustrated mountain, cloud and flower appear at the bottom.

I thought I had my spiritual path all figured out

I want to create the space for questioning, anger, grief, joy, confusion, compassion, and reassurance that I wish I would have had during some disorienting times in my spiritual and life journey.

My spirituality was shaped by the “conservative” Christian school I attended, the “liberal” church I grew up at and our occasional trip to the family Buddhist temple. So…eclectic, but primarily evangelical Christian. (My first concert was Amy Grant and I can rap all the words to DC Talk’s Jesus Freak. IYKYK).

As a mixed race, Japanese American, I grew up with my feet in two worlds but never felt at home anywhere. As the grandchild of survivors of the Japanese-American concentration camps, I am acutely aware of social and economic injustice and how life-threatening it can be to live in America with the “wrong” color of skin or the “wrong” shape of eyes.

I realized the spaces I had devoted my life to, were never meant for people like me

My commitment to justice and my immersion in White Evangelicalism led me to work for “cutting edge” non-profits and ministries with charismatic leaders (all male, all white). I spent 12 years working my ass off in white-led justice spaces before I realized that:

  1. whiteness will protect whiteness at any cost (at the expense of me and others like me).

  2. I will not let my value be determined by my output.

  1. I needed to embrace my identity and lived experience as my strength and not something that needed to be conformed to other's norms.

  2. God is not honored by my burnout.

Realizing that I had given so much of myself to missions and ministries that did not see me as their equal was painful. It was hard to separate my relationship with God from the trauma of these spaces.

I felt alone, abandoned, disoriented and heartbroken. I couldn’t imagine a way forward that included a relationship with God. But something wouldn’t allow me to let go of the knowing that beyond this pain was a God that craved my wholeness and healing.
Black and white photo of Hailey balancing on a log next to a lake. The photo has a lavender piece of tape and is cut with lines reminiscent of kintsugi.

I cried to God that I didn’t need to understand the whole journey, I just needed to know one step on the path.

And God answered.

One step at a time Spirit has been guiding me down a path of transformation toward healing.

If you are saying,

“God, I don’t know if I believe in you anymore.”

“I’m tired of being alone on this journey.”

“I don't know who I am apart from what others have labeled me.”

“I don't know how to trust myself.”

…my prayer is that we can find a next step together.

I have learned to accept that I will always be a work in progress

I believe in wisdom over experience, and I know trust is vital when choosing someone to be with on this journey. Here are some experiences and qualifications that help guide my work each day.

  • Certificate of Spiritual Direction - Hesychia School for Spiritual Directors
  • Foundations of Energetic Ecology, 12-Month Reiki Apprenticeship
  • Somatic Abolitionist Training w/ Resmaa Menakem for therapists and coaches
  • Embodied Social Justice Certificate
  • The Living School (through Richard Rohr's Center for Action & Contemplation)
  • Leader Breakthru Coaching Program
  • Working Board Member at Mystic Soul Project
  • Bachelors in Sociology with a focus on Race & Ethnic Studies, Minor in American Cultural Studies
Illustration of colorful mountains and clouds